Incompatible Amalgamation Vessel II

Attua Aparicio
Incompatible Amalgamation Vessel II by East London-based craft maker Attua Aparicio. Inspired by the interplay between craft and technology, Attua aims to express the unexplored potential of industrial materials.
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The Maker Attua Aparicio Multi-Disciplinary Designer - South East England

One half of design collaboration ‘Silo Studio’, Attua is an alumnus of the Royal College of Art’s Design Products course. Attua’s work places an emphasis on industrial processes and materials; her collection for The New Craftsmen created as part of a material research project initiated during her residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre in the summer of 2018. Her research focuses on how to use waste from the glass industry to pursue innovation in ceramics, navigated through a responsive approach to testing.

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