Large Cream Riverbird Cushion

Rose de Borman
Large Cream Riverbird Cushion by Rose de Borman is a silk-screened and hand-painted silk cushion decorated with a riverbird motif.
Large Cream Riverbird Cushion by Rose de Borman is a one-off painting, as are all her cushions. Each one is created by silk screen-printing silhouettes by hand and then hand-painting the colours into the shapes, using dyes and a paintbrush. The silk is then steamed and washed, which changes and fixes the colours. No two pieces are the same, and the whole process is a labour of love that takes days.
Material: Hand-dyed and hand-painted Silk front, back and piping. Feather insert.
Dimensions: Height: 45cm, Width: 60cm
Care Instructions: Dry clean only.
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Rose hand cuts paper shapes which she exposes onto the silk screen to create a void, or controlled space, which she then delicately paints by hand directly onto the silk.
Large Cream Riverbird Cushion
The Maker Rose de Borman Multi-Disciplinary Designer - South East England

Rose de Borman is a textile and ceramic artist based in East London. Rose is inspired by the traditions of British folk art and the mythology of the natural world, creating one off pieces using a mixture of traditional and modern craft techniques. From stencils made with locally foraged flora, silks handpainted with mythical beasts, and pinched ceramic figurines referencing Staffordshire pottery traditions, Rose de Borman’s approach to her work is endlessly innovative and experimental.