Sycamore Vessel (Large)

Anthony Bryant
Sycamore Vessel (Large) by Cornish woodturner Anthony Bryant is a decorative piece crafted from finely turned Sycamore wood.

Anthony is inspired by the character and aesthetics of each individual tree. Each piece is 'turned green', meaning it is crafted from a freshly-felled tree before the wood can be season, allowing the material to warp into its final shape. It can take up to a year between felling a tree and completing a piece, as Anthony turns the wood when fresh and green, which allows the piece to move and shape as it dries naturally.
Material: Sycamore wood
Dimensions: Height: 50 cm, Length: -- cm, Width: 45 cm
Care Instructions: Keep dry and dust-free, no further oiling is required.
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Using handmade tools, Anthony turns each greenwood piece over the space of a few days. Each thin-walled vessel is then left to dry, during which it warps into shape. Anthony uses Sycamore wood for its unique aesthetic and robust material properties.
The Maker Anthony Bryant Wood Artist - South West England

Anthony Bryant is internationally recognised for his work in 'green' woodturning. Working from his studio in Cornwall, Anthony creates work which stretches the potential of the material to its limits, both in scale and its breathtaking thinness. His thin walled green-turned wood pots showcase the technique he has developed since he began woodturning at the age of 13, with many pieces so fine the light shines through.