Lime & Willow Vessel

Hilary Burns, Takahashi McGil
Lime & Willow Vessel by Hilary Burns and Takahashi McGil is part of the ‘Plant Explorations’ collection, facilitated by The New Craftsmen. Earlier this year, The New Craftsmen invited a select group of craftspeople to the Economic Botany Collections at Kew Gardens to examine and creatively respond to a myriad of objects and their narratives. The collection delves into humanity’s ever resourceful and ingenious making traditions with plants. This sculptural work is the result of a collaboration between makers Hilary Burns and the Takahashi McGil duo, who found inspiration in learning about each other's practice and methods. This decorative work explores the idea of joining turned and carved wood with basketry, and the natural pairing of the very white soft wood with pale willow.

Material: White willow, beech wood
cm: Width 15cm, Depth 15cm, Height 14cm
inches: Width 5.9in, Depth 5.9in, Height 5.5in
Care Instructions: Keep out of direct sunlight as some plant materials tend to fade over time. Dust with lint free cloth.


The bowl was turned and carved with a small chisel, while the willow joining elements were split and shaved. The weaving is created in bands, with a beech root border. Takahashi McGil source all their wood locally, including the white willow which was sourced from Devon and the beech root from a woodland on the banks of the River Dart.
Musubi Kame Vessel II by Takahashi McGil
Musubi Kame Vessel II
Takahashi McGil