Lolium Throw in Gold

Bristol Weaving Mill
Woven in the South West of England, Bristol Weaving Mill's Lolium Throw (Gold) has been made from a combination of natural fibres resulting in a unique distressed texture, evoking rustic comfort. Inspired by antique and heirloom textiles, each throw has a character all its own.

The boucle, mohair, wool and hemp yarns used to craft this piece were sourced from Italy. Each colourway was custom dyed for The New Craftsmen, ensuring the exclusivity of the range. Bristol Weaving Mill's then sampled each design on a wooden hand-weaving loom. Over three rounds of sampling, the final product was defined and transferred for production to the antique production weaving loom, using the punch card system. After weaving, the throws were hand-finished, and gently hand-washed before the tassels were brushed out by hand and trimmed to size.
Material: 35% Wool, 39% Mohair, 10% Hemp, 16% Nylon
Dimensions: Width 1,520 mm / 59.84 inches Length 1,750 mm / 68.90 inches
Care Instructions: Dry clean only.
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The Maker Bristol Weaving Mill Textile Weaver - South West England

Bristol Weaving Mill (BWM) is a bespoke textile mill established in 2015 by Franki Brewer and Juliet Bailey, the owners of renowned textile design studio Dash and Miller. Bristol Weaving Mill was created to grant Franki and Juliet full control over the making process, with a focus on creating innovative textiles for fashion and interiors. Franki and Juliet contribute to the field extensively, lecturing at the Campaign for Wool's 'Making it in Textiles' conference, and at the Royal College of Art.