Long Pouch with Horn

Joe Hogan
Long Pouch With Horn is a decorative basket by Irish basket-maker Joe Hogan. It is inspired by the sublime beauty of the landscape where Joe lives in Loch Na Fooey.

Inspired by the poetry of John O'Donoghue and his local landscape in Ireland, this basket is hand-woven from willow, grown by Joe. Featuring a gnarled wood handle, it celebrates the beauty of natural materials. Working in a remote location affords him the ability to connect with the natural world.
Material: Willow
Dimensions: Height: 64cm, Length: 107cm, Width: 55cm
Care Instructions: Dust gently with a dry cloth
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Joe grows his own willow, harvesting annually from late-November to mid-March. The willow is dried and soaked, before it becomes pliable and is weaved into the form of a basket. The gnarled wood handle is added after the basket has been woven.
The Maker Joe Hogan Basket Maker - Republic of Ireland

Joe Hogan is a master basket-maker based in Loch Na Fooey, a glacial lake situated in the Republic of Ireland. Joe uses local willow, as well as local larch, catkins and bog wood to construct woven sculptures and baskets, showcasing his deep understanding of material and place. Moving to Loch Na Fooey in 1978, Joe trained with numerous Irish basket makers, learning techniques rarely seen in the modern day. Joe Hogan’s work is internationally recognised, and has been shortlisted for the Loewe Craft Prize in 2018.