Lustre Vessel VIII

Jochen Holz
Lustre Vessel VIII by London-based glass artist Jochen Holz. The mesmerizing painted effect of the glass is reminiscent of the colourful interplay of oil-upon-water, beneath the sun.

Jochen's design approach is led by the making process and the flow of hot glass. Every piece is unique, individually considered and finished, and made from durable and heat resistant borosilicate glass.Jochen often experiments with tone and shape to create unique glass forms, this collection exploring a wide variety of hues and a density of colour. Iridescent and matt metallic looking surfaces mix with a soft palette of tonal changes on the pieces.
Material: Borosilicate glass
Dimensions: Height: 23cm, L: 16cm Width: 16cm
Care Instructions: Do not scratch or scour the outside of the vessels. It can be washed normally but use gentle cleaners on the lustres
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Navigating the possibilities and restrictions of the technique and material, this series of lustre vases employs metallic oxides, painted onto the molten glass, which gives them their iridescent dreamlike finish.
The Maker Jochen Holz Glass Artist - South East England

Jochen Holz is an award winning contemporary glass artist producing vibrant, organically shaped lampworked glassware and artworks. Jochen originally trained in lamp working in Germany before studying glass at Edinburgh College of Art and The RCA. After graduating in 2003, Jochen established his studio in East London. Jochen Holz’s approach to design is guided by the lampworking process and the flowing forms of hot glass. Each piece is a one off with a unique, spontaneous energy.