Claire Loder

Claire Loder is an artist, writer and educator based in Bath. Having originally trained in Illustration and Graphic Design at Bath Spa University, she then completed an MA in Ceramics from University of Wales Cardiff Institute in 2006 and received the Crafts Council’s Next Move Award. Her book ‘The New Ceramics - Sculpting and Handbuilding’ was published by Bloomsbury in 2013. Claire’s sculptures are a combination of intuitive construction, tactility and off-kilter form. The stony faces she crafts are lighter than they appear, the hollow interiors a repository for thoughts, feelings and emotions of both subject and viewer.


Claire Loder

South West England

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Each head starts with a drawing, but the clay slab is far from inert - it collaborates in the process, collecting marks, indentations and character. In this way a conversation develops between the idea in my mind, the studio wall sketch and what is happening at my fingertips.

Claire LoderCeramicist


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