NOVOCASTRIAN are a group of architects, makers, and industrially-trained metalworkers, founded by brothers Richy and Paul Almond. The result of this melting pot of skills is a symbiotic celebration of form and materiality. Forging bespoke objects and environments, their craft is born of industry, of the manufacturing heritage of their home in North East England. NOVOCASTRIAN creations are elemental, humble and timeless. They believe in the honest beauty of raw, modest materials with metal always at the backbone of their work.



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Using time-honoured techniques and an understated palette NOVOCASTRIAN create contemporary pieces with just a hint of opulence. Constructed from simple, solid steel elements, by northern craftsmen, they are committed to embracing the quirks of the metal worker’s interpretation, encouraging his hand as much as the designer’s. Although metal is their speciality, the use of a carefully-curated range of Cumbrian slate and rare British marble permeates their work.

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Each and every one of our pieces is hand-crafted to order with passion and integrity by hardy northern souls.



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  1. Port Free Mirror
  2. Staiths Shelving Unit in Patinated Steel
    Staiths Shelving Unit in Patinated Steel
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