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Otis Ingrams is a leather designer who started his brand OTZI Studios in 2013 producing wallets, aprons and utility goods from British sourced leather. Born in London, Otis Ingrams undertook an apprenticeship with Bill Amberg studio after graduating from San Francisco State University. On completing his apprenticeship Otis undertook a number of commissions and collaborations before establishing his practice back in the UK.

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Otis Ingrams


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Otis Ingrams is committed to sourcing, developing and employing British materials, using both traditional and contemporary techniques, to create his products. OTZI Studios select traditional vegetable tanned leather which ages to develop a unique patina over time. Otis has developed a range of items for The New Craftsmen, all with a utilitarian ethos – in both form and function.


1. What motivates you to make?

I love working with the materials and find the endless possibilities of form, function and colour a constant fascination. There are many pieces that are not made to antique and vintage standards anymore, so I want to try and continue that work, because I believe it is important to maintain high standards. I want to carry on using the time-worn techniques used in making quality pieces.

2. What and/or who are you most inspired or influenced by?

My baskets and storage designs draw from the work of designers Carl Aubock and Jacques Adnet. I absolutely love their leatherwork. My favourite furniture designers are usually Danish or Brazilian – Jorge Salzupin and Borge Mogensen are among my favourites for their beautifully proportioned chairs.

3. What is your unique approach to your craft, and how have you honed your skills?

I start with either a sketch (to flush an idea out) or I use card, which acts as a good stand-in for leather much of the time, as I can bend and fold it. I make lots of templates and tweak the shape until I'm happy to commit it to leather.

Cutting, punching and shaping the material is a careful process and one I've worked hard to get better and quicker at. More recently, I've started to work with wood and brass to incorporate these materials into larger pieces.

4. What is your defining or proudest moment as a maker so far?

Last year I worked on a large sculptural chaise for Lexus that will be shown during LCW this year. It was incredibly challenging due to the short time frame and ambition of the piece but I learned a lot and the outcome was quite satisfying.

5. What is your dream project?

I'm currently working with a French fashion house to furnish all their showrooms with furniture. We are using amazing leather, native hardwood timbers, plus offcuts and surplus leather from both our production. It's exactly what I've wanted to do for a while now. Next I would love to work on a large, commercial or residential project, or design a full range that worked with every inch of material, large and small.

To be kept informed about new collections from Otis Ingrams, please email [email protected]


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