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After working for many years as a photographic stylist, sourcing beautiful objects made by others, Pip Rice had a yearning to create some of her own. The South East London based basket maker initially began experimenting with plants from her own garden before going on to forage natural materials from further afield. After a two-year basketry course at City Lit, she now combines a range of traditional basketry techniques with contemporary experimentation to create highly sculpted baskets. She was awarded both the Barbara Maynard Cup, by the Basketmakers’ Association, and the Christiane Sands Award in 2019.

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Pip predominantly weaves using plant material from her garden, allowing the nature of the plants to determine the direction of her work. She uses the term basketry loosely, as her work is often purely sculptural. Her aim is to create baskets which showcase the ephemeral quality of the original plants, evoking the feeling that the pieces could just take root.


1. What motivates you to make?

I am at my happiest when absorbed in the making process - especially at the experimental stage. Spending time in the garden is a great motivator, being surrounded by so much potential material. I try to work outside whenever the weather permits and volunteer at a community garden once a week, it doesn’t take long for something to spark my imagination then I’m itching to get back in the studio to try something new.

2. What and/or who are you most inspired or influenced by?

I am inspired by many things in the natural world, but my greatest source of inspiration comes from trees. I live in London, a city where there are almost as many trees as people. The form, colour and texture of trees is a constant source of inspiration, with their contrasting combination of strength and fragility, transforming continually with the seasons.

3. What is your unique approach to your craft, and how have you honed your skills?

I predominantly weave with plant material that I either find or grow in my garden. The nature of the plants I use can determine the direction of the pieces I make but I am curious to explore the potential of materials beyond traditional basketry techniques.

I use the word basketry loosely as my work is often sculptural with little practical use. My aim is to create baskets which show the ephemeral quality of the plants they once were but also evoke the feeling that they may just take root.

4. What is your defining or proudest moment as a maker so far?

One of my proudest moments was being asked to take part in the biannual basketry exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre in 2021. To show my work alongside a group of basket makers whose work I admire, some of whom taught me my craft was a great privilege. I was delighted when I discovered that my work was also to feature on the poster to promote the exhibition.

5. What is your dream project?

To design and create a garden from scratch, where all the plants and trees could in some way be used in my practice. I already have some plants in my garden that I use to weave with and I’m continually learning about other plants that I can utilise. I wish I had thought of this idea when I first moved here over 20 years ago but as it is, there are now too many other mature trees and plants that I would struggle to let go of.

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