Tim Hurn

Tim Hurn is a ceramicist specialising in wood-fired pottery. Tim honed his craft at Tokoname, Japan, one of the country’s seven ancient kiln sites. Heavily inspired by the work of masters like Bernard Leach, Tim Hurn has spent time following Bernard’s footsteps, training with Bernard’s eldest grandson - John Leach at Mulchelney Pottery in Somerset. Tim creates his pieces from his handbuilt a 'Anagama' kiln; Japanese for 'cave kiln', sites traditionally dug into a hillside and filled with mud and grass.


Tim Hurn

South West England

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Maker's Quote

The pots, which ‘speak’ to me, are those that tell a story of the extreme conditions endured by wares in the very heart of the kiln, the firebox.

Tim HurnCeramicist


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