Man and Sheep Ornament

Alex Sickling
Man and Sheep Ornament by ceramicist Alex Sickling is a whimsical, decorative figurine inspired by the culture of the Orkney Islands in Scotland.
Material: White Earthenware slip
Dimensions: Height: 17cm, Length: 10cm, Width: 10cm
Care Instructions: Wipe with damp, lint-free cloth
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Each piece is hand built from white earthenware slip clay, then hand painted using a coloured underglaze, with a clear transparent glaze on top.
Man and Sheep Ornament
The Maker Alex Sickling Ceramicist - North East England

Alex Sickling is an illustrator and ceramicist based in Newcastle. She explores the process of image making through ceramic objects, creating both functional and decorative pieces, including plates and figurines. Known for her love of Staffordshire pottery, and her fascination with Victorian society, Alex has collaborated with clients such as Anthropologie, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield. She graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2012.