Mater Dolorosa

Leah Jensen
Leah Jensen carved stoneware vessel, based on the 'Mater Dolorosa' Renaissance painting. Signed by the artist at the base. Each piece is on display until June 17th. Pieces purchased will be dispatched after this date. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors if you have any questions.
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Mater Dolorosa by The New Craftsmen
Mater Dolorosa by The New Craftsmen
The Maker Leah Jensen Ceramicist - South West England

Leah Jensen is a ceramicist inspired by ideas surrounding maths and art, pioneering a distinctive technique of carving geometric patterns directly into clay. Leah’s research examines European painting between the 14th – 16th centuries, depicting tales of sorrow, tragedy and beauty. As the recipient of the prestigious ‘One Year On’ prize at New Designers, Leah describes her approach to creating as ‘Anti-Digital’. While each vessel appears mechanically moulded, they showcase the complexity and precision of her carving abilities.