Metameric Glass Cylinder with Kaolin Patina (Mauve)

Edmond Byrne
A striking decorative piece, Edmond's glass cylinder is formed by blowing into a handmade mould to create a tactile surface. This process results in a crackled, water-like patina reminiscent of ancient glass artefacts.
Material: Glass
Dimensions: Height: 25cm, Diameter: 30cm
Care Instructions: Wipe with lint-free cloth.
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The Maker Edmond Byrne Glass Artist - South East England

Edmond Byrne is an Irish glass blower producing artworks and vessels from mould blown glass. Taking influence from the work of renowned glass artist Geoffrey Baxter, Edmond has re-interpreted Geoffrey’s undulating, vibrant forms through his own innovative approach, blowing glass into hand-made moulds covered with a clay patina. Edmond Byrne’s work has received numerous awards including the Dan Klein Memorial Award in 2011 as well as being exhibited amongst several international collections.