Michael Cane Sculptural Light

The Michael Cane Sculptural Light by Alexander White is both a statement visual feature and functioning light. A twisting, oversized curl of woven cane, this piece is made from natural materials and will bring wonder and impact to any space, both residential or commercial.

Alexander set himself the challenge of crafting a pendant light centrepiece which would demand attention when turned off as well as on. The awe-inspiring structure as it curls and twists combines with the geometric perforation of the rattan cane webbing to create a visual statement with presence and translucency. The intriguing layering effect beckons you to walk around it to see it from all angles, and offers different perspectives on the cane's moire effect. The result is a beautifully composed, suspended piece with the drama of a mobile, and a harmony and balance akin to that of calligraphy. International wiring is available, please enquire for further details.
Material: Scorched maple, rattan cane webbing, bleached anigre veneer and brass.
cm: Width 70cm, Depth 60cm, Height 120cm
inches: Width 27.6in, Depth 23.6in, Height 47.2in
Care Instructions: Dust with an air blower or duster, wipe with a damp cloth.
Lead Time: 8 weeks


The sculptural ‘curl’ is made by laminating two separate, parallel wooden shapes over a purpose-built steel jig to create an elegant, balanced and viable structure. It’s imperative that this structure remains steady and even as the rattan is applied, the likes of which has never been seen before. A 4.5 meter length of rattan webbing is then soaked to make it malleable prior to application. With a limited amount of time to integrate the rattan into the structure before it dries, Alexander works quickly and carefully to fold it into purposely cut grooves on the outer faces of the frame. As the cane dries in its new sculptural guise it tightens and creates a skin-like membrane that reinforces the integrity of the piece. To illuminate, LED lighting is inserted on the inner sides of the frames, and then covered with a veneer of wood to diffuse and soften the light.
The Maker Alexander White Maker & Designer - London

London-born and raised in South West of France, furnisher maker and designer Alexander White returned to England to study 3D Design at Falmouth University in Cornwall, graduating 2010. Following graduation, Alexander worked with various prestigious artists and designers, including Fred Baier and Paul Cocksedge, before opening his own Hackney-based studio, A White Workshop, in 2013. His award-winning work ranges from private commissions to public artwork, and commercial products. Alexander’s hands on approach to design combined with his compassion for traditional crafts and his curiosity for the latest technology renders his work relevant and original whilst having the appeal and depth of the hand-built. The aesthetic quality of his work is purely derived from his unique approach and interpretation of manufacturing processes.

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