Midori Bottle V

Nel Faulkner
Midori Bottle V is inspired by the simple, powerful and often characterful forms of 16th century Japanese tea utensils.For this collection, Nel took inspiration from the metaphor of pots as ‘vessels of spirit’. Her work draws on her eclectic memories: pom-poms, teapots, large worn pebbles and cogs have found their way into the forms. The Midori Bottle V sits somewhere between the world of inanimate objects and the world of life-filled character. She considers the act of sewing onto the vessel as a way of caring for it, embellishing them with materials beyond the conventional boundaries of the world of ceramics. ‘Midori’ is Japanese for green, referencing the colour of the thread she has chosen.

Material: Stoneware, slip, glaze, cotton
cm: Width 25cm, Depth 18cm, Height 30cm
inches: Width 9.8in, Depth 7.1in, Height 11.8in
Care Instructions: Wipe with damp lint free cloth


This piece was handmade as a solid form, before being hollowed and carved into an organic shape. Nel’s work is never planned and often evolves through deep immersion in the making, resulting in unexpected combinations. The graphic pattern is drawn onto the surface and then dipped in a white slip, before being fired and painted with a cobalt glaze. After the second firing, green embroidery thread was sewn onto the pot into pre-planned grooves and loops.
The Maker Nel Faulkner Ceramicist - South West England

Nel Faulkner is a ceramicist based in Dorset, whose distinctive style of handbuilt shapes, printed patterns and a restricted palette of cobalt blue and white all define her work. Nel began her career by studying 3D Design in London, at Chelsea School of Art before working in Paris designing shops and furniture for fashion houses, including Valentino and Ines de la Fressange. In 2019, Nel’s ceramics were selected by Paul Smith for display in their flagship store in Albemarle Street.