Moonfleet Print

Charles Shearer
Moonfleet by Charles Shearer, a dynamic print inspired by 20th century ships and the beauty of light dancing upon waves.

This print by Charles Shearer is inspired by the 20th century steam trawler fleets, which sailed from British ports to trawl the rich fishing grounds of the North Sea and the North Atlantic. In this scene, they pass the Island of Hoy and enter the tranquil waters of Scapa Flow under a full moon.
Material: Printed on a smooth Italian book paper (Canaletto Liscio Bianco 125gsm). Each 'Moonfleet' print is unique
cm: Width 71cm, Height 92cm
inches: Width 28in, Height 36.2in
Care Instructions: Wipe with cloth
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The colours used in this print are inspired by the hues of sooty and weathered canvas sails, as well as sepia images originating from this period.
The Maker Charles Shearer Print Maker -

Charles Shearer was born in Kirkwall, Orkney, before moving to Aberdeen to study illustration at Gray's School of Art and later the Royal College of Art in London. He also teaches printmaking in numerous art schools and works on commissions for books and magazines, such as Ambit and the Cadogan Travel series. Charles often depicts landscapes in his work, and is inspired by artists such as Vaughan, Hepworth and Sutherland, as well as the print works of the German Expressionists.