Mustard Yellow Ariadne Throw I

The Mustard Yellow Ariadne Throw I, by weaver Maria Sigma, is a one-off piece inspired by a traditional Greek Cycladic crocheted lace pattern and a weaving technique known as pile-making. Growing up in Greece, Maria was surrounded by hand-made textiles and learned the detailed process of lacemaking as a child. Handwoven on a floor loom in Maria’s London studio, this throw is a testament to her aesthetic heritage and captures a certain feeling of home. Minimalist and focusing on texture, the entire Ariadne collection, named after a mythological heroine from Homer's Odyssey, is made from combinations of natural undyed British alpaca and lambswool, waste dyed British merino, waste dyed cashmere and linen, and undyed recycled cotton.

Material: British alpaca, British lambswool, cashmere, recycled cotton
cm: Width 114.5cm, Height 209cm
inches: Width 45.1in, Height 82.3in
Care Instructions: Spot clean or delicate cold hand-wash only
image Sea Blue
image Sandstone


The Ariadne collection takes its name from the Greek mythological heroine who used a thread to help her lover Theseus escape the Minotaur's Labyrinth. Handwoven on a floor loom, Maria brings together a range of traditional weaving techniques and uses natural, sustainable materials to construct the fabric. Her colour palette is created by mixing undyed yarns, which produces unique colour combinations.
The Maker Maria Sigma Textile Artist - London

Maria Sigma is a textiles designer and specialist hand-weaver who grew up in Greece surrounded by hand-made textiles. After completing her degree in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and receiving investment support from The Prince's Trust and Virgin Start-Up Scheme, Maria went on to establish her London studio space. Particularly influenced by the innovative work of Sheila Hicks and minimalist designs of Anni Albers, Maria aims to highlight the importance of weaving through everyday, functional textiles.