Nailed Wall Mounted Shelving

Bibbings & Hensby
Nailed Wall Mounted Shelving crafted by Bibbings & Hensby is part of The New Craftsmen’s ‘Claylarks’ collection. Whilst mudlarking on the foreshore of the River Thames, the duo found several hand forged nails, which prompted their research into historic forms of nailed furniture. The shelving is made to house and display ceramic pieces, gathered and curated over time, and forms part of a new range of furniture. The spirit of simplicity and functional craftsmanship that characterise this traditional vernacular furniture are embodied within the design. Made exclusively with historically faithful nails hand forged by a traditional blacksmith, and without glue or complex joinery, the dresser explores the possibilities for the humble nail in contemporary handmade furniture. Scratch lines can be seen all over the furniture, a traditional way to line up nails in vernacular furniture and a further example of the makers commitment to celebrate authentic methods in this piece.

Material: Oak, riven ash handle, wrought iron nails, clear matte oil
cm: Width 140cm, Depth 25cm, Height 125cm
inches: Width 55.1in, Depth 9.8in, Height 49.2in
Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth


The duo found 18th century nails while mudlarking with faceted heads, so they commissioned hand-forged nails from a speciality blacksmith especially for this piece. The Japanese technique, Kgioroshi is used in the range; a method of hammering and moistening a component that is slightly too big for its joint before assembling the piece, each component then swelling to form a perfect fit. The irregular, wedge-shaped nails result in the piece having a much greater holding strength, producing strong and long lasting joinery. The strength is also reinforced by dado and rabbet joints. Battens have been used to keep the doors flat, a pre-industrial technique that has an extremely robust clamping action. The drawers are complete with milk painted riven handles, a technique that utilises parts of the logs that cannot be used elsewhere.
The Maker Bibbings & Hensby Furniture Maker - London

Jack Bibbings and Matthew Hensby make contemporary wooden furniture using traditional joinery techniques and hand tools. Bibbings & Hensby allow the principle of sustainability to guide working practices wherever possible and their London-based workshop is founded on traditional craft principles, which aim to connect the material and hand of the maker in the finished piece. Their work is characterised by a commitment to producing everyday pieces that are suited to modern homes.