Nature Table Collection

Viv Lee
In Viv Lee’s first collection of sculptural furniture, she has created a collection of textural, monolithic tables - an idea sparked by primordial making and rituals. Developed as part of The New Craftsmen’s ‘Claylarks’ collection, Viv felt that her connection to nature was through materiality, as she picked up and held oyster shells, flint and quartz while walking along the foreshore of the River Thames. This series of functional pieces are designed to elevate the mundane and to form part of personal rituals, with the smaller paired objects furthering this notion. With these small tables, or sculptural altars, Viv encourages the viewer to craft their own rituals, rather than prescribing how one might engage with the work. Each table varies in size and form, drawing inspiration from the colours, textures and materials found on the foreshore. The Nature Table is paired with an Ikebana dish and vessel - Ikebana is a Japanese form of flower arranging - to bring a sense of the outdoors into the home.

Material: Various stoneware, underglaze and Thames oyster shell glaze
Table: Width 43.5cm, Depth 21cm, Height 27.5cm
Bowl 1: Width 11cm, Depth 11cm, Height 9cm
Bowl 1I: Width 15.5cm, Depth 15.5cm, Height 5cm
Care Instructions: This item is made from glazed ceramic and should be handled and used with great care. Dust with a lint free cloth.


Nature Table is handbuilt by Viv Lee in a white stoneware, which she has proceeded to glaze and fire with the method of oxidation. This allows the oxygen to interact with the glazes whilst firing the piece - a method that can be done using either high or low temperatures in the kiln. The Ikebana bowls have also been oxidation fired and are built up of fireclay and white stoneware, finished with a glaze made from foraged Thames oyster shells.
The Maker Viv Lee Artist & Maker - Scotland

Viv Lee was born in Hong Kong and studied at Glasgow School of Art. After graduating, she remained in Glasgow and is still based there today, creating ceramics inspired by the beautiful irregularity of nature. Rather than seeking perfect symmetry in her work, Viv looks to organic forms – particularly the human body – and embraces the imperfect. Each piece is a unique work of art, which also serves a functional purpose. Her hand-built stoneware lamps have been exclusively created for The New Craftsmen.