Colourful Minds: Illustrators Laura Carlin, Alex Sickling & Aude Van Ryn

As part of our ‘Colourful Minds’ exhibition, The New Craftsmen are proud to present a selection of new ceramic works from Laura Carlin, Alex Sickling and Aude Van Ryn. The collection offers a joyful exploration of the illustrators’ imagination and how they imbue their objects with stories and joyful gestures.

Laura Carlin

Laura Carlin is an award-winning London based ceramicist and illustrator, whose eye-catching designs and quirky sculptures have developed an impressive cult following.

Following a two-year hiatus, Laura has crafted a small collection of one-off pieces featuring ornamental plates and cups. Drawing inspiration from the illustrations found on Quaker rugs and Northern European folk textile pieces, her playful aesthetic transforms commonplace objects into whimsical works of art.

Alex Sickling

Alex Sickling is an illustrator and ceramicist based in Newcastle. Known for her love of Staffordshire pottery and her fascination with Victorian society, Alex has previously collaborated with the likes of Anthropologie, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield.
This collection builds on her research of 19th Century sketches and vintage photos depicting the comings and goings of daily life in northern England. Alex crafts each piece by hand using white earthenware, cast in small batches. The work is then hand-painted and decorated using underglaze paints, after which a transparent glaze is applied.

Aude Van Ryn

Celebrated Belgian illustrator and ceramicist Aude Van Ryn creates handmade prints, tableware, figurines and sculptures.

For her new collection, Aude has chosen to work with terracotta, using sgraffito techniques and her fingertips to create unique surface illustrations. Her new sculptures take inspiration from the Dogon Country in Mali, Africa, where masks, sculptures and artefacts are highly symbolic, and an important part of village life.

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