Craft For Modern Living

Craft For Modern Living

The Kingsland Dining Table is a reflection of the purity and simplicity of daily life I discovered in lockdown; a stillness I shared with many others, as collectively we began to appreciate what we had right in front of us as we were liberated from the pressure of travel and the constant longing to be somewhere better.

Day in day out my life revolved around the kitchen table. We ate, we worked, we chatted, we drew and dreamed. We watched our daughter grow up before our eyes and discovered the importance of the durability and functionality of a humble family table. 

My philosophy of making has always revolved around people, process and place, and in this instance it was my family and my home. I set about designing a table that could sit comfortably within our family kitchen, that was bold enough to command the room but gentle enough to allow family life to play out on its surface. The Kingsland Dining table aims to deliver just that, through economy of form, simplicity of material and beauty in the detail.

The experience of spending so much time at home over the past year has reinstated the importance to me of the objects we surround ourselves with on a daily basis and the table has made me want to craft more thoughtfully designed pieces for the home in 2021. Despite the difficulties experienced for small-business owners in 2020 it has given me time to explore new ways of working and a new perspective on the importance of our homes and time spent with our loved ones, so I am optimistic for the year ahead and what new work will emerge from the studio.

Gareth Neal, Furniture Maker.

Gareth Neal


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