Holding On To Tradition

It is with great regret that we announce the imminent closure of Ernest Wright & Son, a family-run business based in Sheffield whom we have collaborated with since The New Craftsmen was first founded, and whose scissors have remained a firm favourite ever since.

Ernest Wright & Son crafted their scissors from world-renowned Sheffield steel Ernest Wright & Son crafted their scissors from world-renowned Sheffield steel

What, perhaps, makes this news even more devastating is that the company had been passed down through five generations of the Wright family, along with a wealth of knowledge and skills that can only be gained through time and experience.

Ernest Wright started the company in 1902 when he realised that he could earn more money crafting his own finished pairs of scissors, rather than working as an outworker like his father. Legend told that Ernest could carry 2,000 scissor blades over his shoulder at one time, and his skill and craftsmanship enabled the scissor manufacturers to become one of the largest in the country.

The company was hit hard by the recession in the 1980s, and was forced to close its doors in 1989. The Wright family then started the factory up again in 2010, working out of the Endeavour Works on Broad Lane. However, following the sudden and tragic passing of the owner Nick Wright a few months ago, the company announced that they had been forced to close for business, despite all their best efforts.

As well as creating a collection of gold-plated scissors exclusively for The New Craftsmen, Ernest Wright & Son crafted all manner of products that, with a little care, are guaranteed to last for decades. Their presence in the British Craft industry will be truly missed.

The company had been making scissors in the heart of Sheffield for more than a century The company had been producing scissors from the heart of Sheffield for more than a century

Protecting the livelihoods of our makers is an integral part of our ethos, and we are incredibly grateful for all your support which helps us to do so. However the closure of this fantastic company means we can only stress the importance of protecting local craftsmen and women in any way you can.

Ernest Wright & Sons’ scissors will still be available in our store and on our website for a limited period only. With a collection encompassing paper, nail, floral and dressmaking scissors, make sure to pick up your favourites now. Stock won't be replenished so once they've sold out, they'll be gone forever.