Reason For Being: Aude Van Ryn

Aude Van Ryn

From seed to flower.

Staying put, with greatly reduced access to the studio has encouraged me to look at what I could do from home.

I decided to concentrate on the green spaces I have, a rooftop and a small and overgrown courtyard. With spring arriving and the word going around about an imminent lockdown announcement, there was quick trip to the plant nursery for soil and seeds. After so many days indoors over winter I was really keen to spend time outside, nurturing and reviving the garden.

The first weeks we cleaned and got ready a large collection of pots, filled with compost. Planting the seeds and writing labels with the help of little hands, posting them in the sunniest spot in the house.

Things started sprouting pretty quickly, in the meantime over several days, we managed to tame the jungle overtaking the courtyard.

I had not been drawing much lately, so decided to take the opportunity to do observational drawings. A very peaceful activity, sitting outside enjoying the present moment in the eerie quietness of the city.

Over the weeks, plants came out eagerly, and blossomed, giving me plenty to draw from.

Having only a few days at the studio, I focused on throwing large shallow plant saucers and playing with the drawings done in the garden.

Flowers from the large Elderberry shrubs were harvested and made into cordial. Radishes and young leaf salad were picked for lunch. The days divided between drawing, gardening, cooking and homeschooling…

It certainly has been an unusual time and made me more appreciative of what each day has to offer.

Aude Van Ryn, Ceramicist and Illustrator
South East England, 31 May 2020
Reason for Being

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