Reason for Being: Jo Waterhouse

Jo Waterhouse

I’m starting and ending most interactions at the moment with the words: ‘aren’t these such strange times?’ and I won’t be breaking that tradition now.

Aren’t these such strange times?

A lot of my images require preparing patterns and paper and I’ve been glad of that. To be squashing paint around, splatting ink, weaving sugar paper or spending half an hour dry brushing a sheet of A2 paper is ideal when your brain hasn’t yet caught up with the new reality.

However, I do feel a disconnect in my situation. On the one hand I am living through a global pandemic that is ruining and ending people's lives, tearing apart families, disproportionately affecting those already vulnerable and drastically altering the fabric of our communities, possibly forever.

On the other hand, I got up this morning and had a couple of bits of toast for breakfast and a cup of tea. Then my last mouthful of tea was full of limescale and I thought: Damn it! I hate that!! I went and scrubbed the kettle and made another cup, but it put me in a right grump.

What I’m saying is that I’m finding it hard to keep perspective. The macro view afforded to me by the news and media is alarming, but my daily view has never been more micro: my house, my family, the inside of my thoughts.

To comfort myself and keep sane I’m mostly playing and creating what order I can from my surroundings.

Aren’t these such strange times?

Jo Waterhouse, Illustrator
Reason for Being

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