The Beldi Project

When the opportunity arose to feature some of our pieces in Chan and Eayrs’ new home The Beldi, we knew our like-minded appreciation for sustainability and craftsmanship would enrich the transformation of this impressive space into a home flooded with beauty, warmth and character.

A 19th-century former shoe factory on Shoreditch High Street became the latest space to attract design duo Zoe Chan Eayrs and Merlin Eayrs. Chan & Eayrs christened the loft ‘The Beldi’, and set to work crafting a refuge from the busy urban surroundings, a home imbued with soul and sincerity.

The Beldi occupies an entire floorplate of an old shoe factory and has views on all four sides of the space The Beldi occupies an entire floorplate of an old shoe factory and has views on all four sides of the space

“We live in interesting times whereby people are more than ever disconnected from place and even from humanity itself”, says Zoe, who, along with her husband Merlin, has succeeded in creating some of the most compelling living spaces in London over the past few years.

Hence they wanted an evident sense of craftsmanship to permeate their newest project ‘The Beldi’, adding pieces imbued with an aesthetic that can only be achieved by achieved by the human hand, a distinctly analogue response to the “digital age [that] removes us from physical contact with other human beings, and places and many of the physical things we touch [that] are soulless and mass produced.”

Likewise championing sustainable, locally-sourced products steeped in tradition, The New Craftsmen was more than happy to suggest pieces which resonate with the space and concept. A Green Plank Settle, designed by Sue Skeen for our ‘Common Parts’ furniture collection, perfectly complements the pistachio-green palette of the interior, chosen to amplify the serenity of the nearby treetops surrounding the local church.

To add character and texture, Chan & Eayrs were drawn to a Common Parts bench boasting a rush cushion woven by Felicity Irons, baskets by Lorna Singleton and the Brodgar Chair, crafted by Gareth Neal and Kevin Gauld from straw harvested by hand in the Orkney Islands.

Kevin Gauld grows his own oats on his family farm, which he uses to create the back of the Brodgar Chair Brodgar Chair by Gareth Neal and Kevin Gauld. Kevin grows his own oats, which he used to create the back of the chair

Glassware by Jochen Holz and tableware by the likes of Akiko Hirai and Tim Hurn adorn the lengthy dining table bordered by Sue Skeen’s ‘Peggy’ Chairs (inspired by the great print designer Peggy Angus), adding “other voices to the space, making it so much richer”.

Creating an interior space that truly felt like a home was paramount to Chan & Eayrs. “The act of making a home with the human hand and soul and filling it with objects and furniture which are created in the same way is very important to us, as we feel it creates spaces which are more human, relatable, and enjoyable to occupy. Home is so much more that four walls and a roof over your head, it’s the most special emotional and physical connection you can have to a place.”

The Green Settle and Terrazzo Table were designed by Sue Skeen for our Common Parts collection The Plank Settle in green and Terrazzo Table were designed by Sue Skeen for our Common Parts collection

“As the furniture made by The New Craftsmen is created with the same human approach as our spaces, it all fit very seamlessly”, Zoe remarked.

“We would love to collaborate in the future at an earlier stage of the making process so that we could really join forces and skills in the making of the spaces and objects within in a more integral way. Home is the most important space and place in one’s life and [The New Craftsmen] have so many talented and skilled craftsmen making such beautiful things to fill it.”

Our Common Parts Furniture Collection was designed in collaboration with stylist and imaginer Sue Skeen, who worked with our makers to create a set of timeless designs that encourage individuality and expression. Zoe Chan Eayrs and Merlin Eayrs of Chan & Eayrs combine their vision and skill to create homes with soul out of the most refined interior spaces. The Beldi Project was also recently featured in T Magazine in the New York Times, words by Megan O'Grady. For more information about our trade services, contact Kate Collins at [email protected] All images courtesy of Toby Lewis Thomas.