Nuance Ombre Cashmere Throw in Nautilus

Begg x Co
With a seamless transition of colour, Nuance Ombre Cashmere Throw in Nautilus from Scottish mill Begg x Co is made from 100% cashmere yarn and is generously sized and incredibly warm. The Nuance throw was Inspired by the shoreline of the highlands and islands of Scotland, with an ocean grey blending through to deep blue. Custom dyed by master craftsmen with mathematical precision, the colour echoes the blue tones and hues of the north sea. The craftspeople at Begg x Co use a wide variety of weaving and finishing apparatus to create each collection; fringes are hand combed and each 100% cashmere blanket is brushed with specially grown and dried teasel heads, for a signature rippling finish.

Material: 100% cashmere
Dimensions: Width: 147cm, Height without tassels: 183cm
Care Instructions: Dry Clean only


Woven in Begg's mill in Ayrshire, Scotland, with a focus on sustainability and quality craftsmanship. The remarkable appearance of each Begg x Co Nuance throw is due to the skill and mastery of innovative weaving techniques, with cashmere yarn being hand-dyed, and then manually fed into the loom. This traditional method creates the subtle, gradual blending of shades from fringe to fringe.
The Maker Begg x Co Textile Weaver - Scotland

When it comes to selecting materials, Begg x Co uses the finest raw fibres available. Combining traditional weaving and finishing methods with cutting-edge production techniques, Begg x Co handcrafts exquisite scarves, stoles and throws that are a pleasure to touch, wear and own. Their commitment to honouring tradition, embracing innovation, and marrying the two, means they are expert in both historical weaving techniques, and the very best weaving technology.