Nuru Light

SASA Works
Nuru Light is a statement pendant light designed and made by workshop and architectural practice, SASA Works. Exclusive to The New Craftsmen, the light's six branches each can move to offer light in different directions to create a unique mood within an interior space.

SASA Works, founded by Craig Bamford in 2009, works closely alongside his partner and artist, Isik Sayarer to develop architecturally informed pieces for the home embedded in the poetry of materials. Nuru Light has been inspired by the way light enters a house and moves around it during the course of a day. Aiming to echo the warm glow and shadows a home experiences, the light has been designed with six-branches that can be moved to provide light at alternating angles within a single room, creating an atmosphere which is both delicate and refined. Each shade is unique in its size and form bringing an organic quality to the piece. International wiring is available, please enquire for further details.
Material: Brass, steel, acrylic
cm: Width 188cm, Depth 20cm, Height 135cm
inches: Width 74in, Depth 7.9in, Height 53.2in
Care Instructions: Clean and polish brass elements with Brasso and steel elements with crystalline metal wax. Occasionally, if required, the swivel joints can be oiled.
Made To Order (10-12 weeks)


Nuru Light is individually hand-made in SASA Works’ London workshop from a mixture of steel and brass which each undergo specific treatments - the steel is blackened and waxed to give it a deep patina and the brass shades have been formed and then polished. The components are then forged together using a mix of brazing and welding techniques.
The Maker SASA Works Designer & Craftsman - London

Founded in 2009 by architect and maker Craig Bamford, London based SASA Works brings a holistic approach to architecture, furniture and objects. Craig works with artist Louise Isik Sayarer to create work that fuses art, architect, craftspeople, and the environment. Seeking to create a poetic and refined relationship between materials and space, SASA Works produces work which brings joy into everyday functional objects.

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