Oblong Serving Dish (Veg)

Hannah McAndrew
Oblong Serving Dish (Veg) by slipware ceramicist Hannah McAndrew. Made from a rich, thick earthenware clay and featuring a contrasting yellow slip decoration.
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Oblong Serving Dish (Veg) by The New Craftsmen
Oblong Serving Dish (Veg) by The New Craftsmen
The Maker Hannah McAndrew Ceramicist - Scotland

Hannah McAndrew is an award winning slipware potter working in South West Scotland. Her work draws on the heritage of British slipware, using it as a basis for contemporary works. Working with warm palettes of chocolate brown and honey, Hannah applies traditional techniques such as slip-trailing and sgraffito to make vessels and tableware inspired by the natural world and her local landscape. Once decorated, Hannah’s pieces are often fired in her hand-built wood fire kiln, lending depth to the finish.

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