Pilgrim's Chair (Madame Eglantyne)

Pedro Da Costa Felgueiras
The Pilgrim's chair by Pedro da Costa Felgueiras, a set of three chairs made for Decorex 2016. Inspired by characters from the seminal Medival text The Canterbury Tales. This chair entitled 'Madame Eglantyne' is finished in navy painted ash with a leather seat and copper base.

One of a series of chairs designed by Pedro and inspired by Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, each chair is of the same three-legged design but the finish is inspired by a character from the epic poem. Referencing the character of Madame Eglantyne, an individual both devoted to the church while leading an aristocratic secularist lifestyle, the copper base and intense blue historic pigment reveal her wealthy origins. A natural oak tanned leather seat is encased by a vibrant blue frame; a pious addition to a luxuriant piece.
Material: Ash Frame, Leather Trim, Historical pigments, Copper Base.
Dimensions: Height 89.1cm, Width 51.1cm, Depth 43.6cm.
Care Instructions: Wipe with damp cloth.
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The Maker Pedro Da Costa Felgueiras Historic Paint Specialist - South East England

Pedro da Costa Felgueiras is a historic paint and lacquer expert based in London. He established his practice Lacquer Studios in 1995; specialising in Oriental & European lacquer as well as historic paint techniques. Having built his reputation restoring objects for museums, historic properties and private clients, more recently Pedro has turned his attention to creating artworks and furniture showcasing his heritage and the materials, methods and centuries-old traditions of paint craftsmen.