Poppy Seed Vessel II

Akiko Hirai
Poppy Seed Vessel II is a one-off decorative piece created by renowned ceramicist Akiko Hirai. Forming part of Akiko’s latest series for The New Craftsmen, this extra large vessel is wheel thrown, with a textured matt-white exterior and rugged surface. Akiko Hirai crafts her ceramics using the Shibui (渋い) principles, a set of distinct Japanese Zen traditions that follow a particular aesthetic of simple, unadorned beauty. During this process the clay reveals the ideal form, which in turn indicates how the piece should be glazed and fired.

Material: Stoneware clay, white glaze
Dimensions: Height: 32cm, Length: 35cm, Width: 35cm
Care Instructions: Dust only, taking care not to damage the fine surface
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Akiko throws each vessel on the wheel before texturing the surface and coating in glaze. In accordance with the Japanese tradition of Shibui, Akiko allows her clay to inform the firing process. She embraces every irregularity and imperfection, which Akiko sees as a natural response borne from the clay as a result of practising Shibui.
The Maker Akiko Hirai Ceramicist - South East England

Akiko Hirai is a ceramicist making decorative artworks and tableware. Using Japanese pottery techniques to create contemporary ceramics, her forms are simple and satisfying, with deeply textured surfaces featuring calm, cool colours. Akiko studied at The University of Westminster and Central St Martins. She is currently the Head of Ceramics at Kensington and Chelsea College. Her studio forms part of The Chocolate Factory N16 in Stoke Newington.