Portrait of Poppy

Tina Vlassopulos
Poppy forms part of the 'Conversations with Friends Collection', which consists of abstract ceramic portraits of Tina's friends, representing each one's character, disposition and psyche in a subjective and symbolic way. It is not a literal representation, but rather an attempt to give a sense of Poppy's character in visual form using symbolism and allegory. It was made in defiance of the cacophony of the digital age, challenging the prevalence of one-way communication. The piece is a celebration of friendship, and the importance of dialogue and conversation.

Portrait of Poppy is an abstract portrait by ceramicist Tina Vlassopulos of her dear friend Poppy; expressing her perceptiveness, wisdom and the secret satisfaction of a fulfilled life.
Material: Burnished stoneware clay
Dimensions: Height: 43cm, Length: 25cm, Width: 35cm
Care Instructions: The sculpture is made up of four pieces. Before moving, remove the three smaller elements and lift from the base. The piece may be cleaned using a damp cloth. Do not handle while wearing jewellery as this might mark the surface.
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Inspired by performing arts, Tina instills a sense of movement and precise balance into each piece. Drawing visual ideas from organic, natural shapes, Tina’s pieces are made through a range of hand-building techniques, including coiling, slabbing and pinching. Once each shape has been formed, Tina uses a metal or wooden rib to scrape down each piece and then burnishes them with a metal spoon to achieve a flawlessly smooth and tactile surface, before firing at 940°C.
The Maker Tina Vlassopulos Ceramicist - London

London-based ceramicist Tina Vlassopulos is one of the leading hand-builders of sculptural forms. With a BA Honors in ceramics from Bristol Polytechnic, numerous awards to her name, and international exhibitions, Tina makes pieces that are full of latent energy and movement. Their energy emanates from in the twists, curves and spirals that feature in Tina’s work and make it so distinctive. Each piece is made of carefully burnished earthenware which has a strong elemental quality and shifts her work away from our traditional familiarities and perceptions of ceramics.