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Giving BowlGiving Bowl

This vessel has been crafted to express the “nature of giving: sharing, generosity and openness”. Iva Polachova's Giving Bowl is an elegant, unimposing vessel, with a textured exterior, glazed in a Lucie Rie matt white.

Giving Bowl
Giving Bowl

Inspired by the rhythm inherent to the creation of ceramics, and exemplifies many of the Iva's aesthetic signatures.

Giving Bowl


Giving Bowl by Iva Polachova, is a piece of textured stoneware with a unique conical shape. Coiled and crafted with simple scraping tools, this decorative work cuts an impressive figure.


Height: 22cm
Diameter: 27cm


Stoneware, White glaze


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Iva Polachova

Iva Polachova is a London based potter specialising in functional tableware, decorative vessels and vases. The creative process and rhythm of making are crucial to Iva’s work. She draws inspiration from the ideas of sculptor Constantin Brancusi on the essential in art and is also influenced by artist Paul Klee’s thoughts on what the artist should take from nature. Iva’s work combines balance, clearness, fluidity and tactility.

Iva uses a variety of clays, ranging from the refined to the coarse – from porcelain to crank. Use of glazes is generally limited to shades of white with the occasional use of oxides and slips under the glaze. Using simple ceramic tools – scraper and rasp blades in particular – the tool marks are often left visible under the glazed surface as a gentle reminder of the handmade.

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