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Large Textured Glass Bowl with Kaolin Patina (Amber)Large Textured Glass Bowl with Kaolin Patina (Amber)

Large Textured Glass Bowl with Kaolin Patina (Amber)

Edmond Byrne

Large Textured Glass Bowl with Kaolin Patina (Amber)

Glowing with the colour of warm amber, this rippled glass vessel is a piece to behold. Each one of a kind, the sheer scale of these bowls created immense technical difficulty, and are a testament to Edmond’s skill as a glass maker.

To create his pieces, Edmond created moulds from a variety of materials such as clay, fabrics, plaster & metal to produce his signature complex textured surfaces. Each mould is only used once, being burned away after the vessel has been made. They are then dipped into a Kaolin clay/water mix to give each piece a patina covered exterior.


“It was too big to blow with my lungs, so we had to use compressed air.”

“I’m intrigued by objects that have a resonance from the past. I add patina and cracks to the glass surface to recreate the weathering of ancient Roman glass.”

- Edmond Byrne

Large Textured Glass Bowl with Kaolin Patina (Amber)
Large Textured Glass Bowl with Kaolin Patina (Amber)


A large, handblown collector's piece by glass maker Edmond Byrne. Organically shaped glass bowl in an amber brown gradient, finished on the exterior with a delicate china clay (Kaolin) patina.


Width: 45cm
Height: 25cm


Amber glass, china clay pattination


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Edmond Byrne

Edmond Byrne is an Irish glass blower currently working as a technician and tutor at the University of Creative Arts. Having studied for a Masters in Glass at the Royal College of Art, Edmond went on to complete an apprenticeship with Dale Chihuly’s team in the USA while they worked on projects including the chandelier for the V&A.

Edmond’s technique involves blowing glass into hand-made moulds. He lines them with materials including clay, fabric, plaster and metal to create patinas and cracks on the surface of his vessels. His process is inspired by the work of Geoffrey Baxter, a glass blower from the 1970s. Edmond works from his drawings, teasing out the forms of vessels and constructing the moulds for his abstract pieces.

He has been awarded numerous Crafts Council grants and research funding from the University for the Creative Arts, as well as being presented with the Dan Klein Memorial Award in 2011. Edmond’s work is currently on display at the National Museum of Ireland and at the Irish Consulate in Brussels, as part of the Department of Foreign Affair’s Collection.

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