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The Little Peasant Girl SculptureThe Little Peasant Girl Sculpture

Carefully crafted, this one-off decorative piece represents a play on the Grimm brother's fairytale The Little Peasant. In the original story the protagonist is a young boy, who builds a cow from a piece of wood in the hope it will be mistaken for a real animal. Eventually growing rich through the deception. In Aude's piece the lead character has been redefined, the peasant is now a girl with a cow's head.

The Little Peasant Girl Sculpture
The Little Peasant Girl Sculpture

Inspired by her vivid imagination, Aude has produced a range of strange, eccentric and charming characters. Some are glazed, whilst others have been left unglazed to reveal the tactile nature of the terracotta.

Aude particularly enjoyed assembling the clay like a collage – playing with the shapes to make her 2D sketches come alive. Each piece is handmade and bears the makers mark.

The Little Peasant Girl Sculpture


The Little Peasant Girl is an abstract terracotta earthenware sculpture, created by ceramicist and illustrator Aude Van Ryn. 


Partly glazed earthenware terracotta.


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Aude Van Ryn Portrait

Aude Van Ryn

Belgian illustrator and ceramicist Aude Van Ryn creates hand decorated ceramic pieces, which are simple in shape and feature semi-abstract designs and graphics – dots, line and geometric shapes – alongside plants, flowers and birds.

Aude works mainly in porcelain stoneware, which she decorates with underglaze using brushes, fingertips and sgraffito techniques, before dipping them in a transparent glaze. Each piece is unique. She particularly likes the playfulness of abstract shapes, drawing inspiration from Guidette Carbonnel, Pablo Picasso and sixties and seventies textiles designs by Marimekko.

Aude moved to London aged 21 to take up a place on the Illustration course at Central Saint Martins. She went on to study at the Royal College of Art and has been part of the Heart Illustration agency since 1998. In 2007 she started working in ceramics and now has a studio close to her home in Camden.

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