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White Collapsed Porcelain Tea BowlWhite Collapsed Porcelain Tea Bowl

Using porcelain for its inherent qualities of purity and simplicity, Olivia covers her precise, wheel thrown pieces in hand built paper-thin porcelain textures. Inspired by the natural world and material contrasts, each tea bowl is unique, exploring materiality and form through contrasting textures and edges.

White Collapsed Porcelain Tea Bowl
White Collapsed Porcelain Tea Bowl
White Collapsed Porcelain Tea Bowl

Olivia sees the beauty in decay and is largely inspired by the natural world – by fungus, coral, bacteria, and the way in which it grows and multiplies.

White Collapsed Porcelain Tea Bowl


White Collapsed Porcelain Tea Bowl handmade by Olivia Walker. Crafting precise forms to resemble organisms, these unique bowls harmoniously combine the man-made with nature.


Diameter: 13cm
Height: 8cm




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Olivia Walker

Olivia Walker’s work plays in the space where the man-made and the natural intersect. She throws precise forms in porcelain before submerging them in paper-thin accretions. These accretions speak of organisms - fungus, coral and bacteria - but are unidentifiable, growing over and eating up the form beneath.

Having completed her ceramics training at the University of Creative Arts in Farnham, Olivia then worked under renowned potter Julian Stair. She spends a great deal of time working from a studio in Barcelona, where she gathers inspiration from the creative culture of the region.

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