Sarah Purvey
Pulse is a work on paper by ceramic artist Sarah Purvey. An expressive, layered artwork which demonstrates the maker’s intensely physical relationship with her work. Each piece carries a charged connection to time and place as Sarah explores personal and emotional landscapes. Whether working with clay or on paper, Sarah uses movement to illustrate her energy and convey character. Framed using a window mount, this is a wonderfully eye-catching piece, full of depth.

Material: Framed artwork on paper, Indian ink, charcoal, chalk and pencil
cm: Width 2.5cm, Depth 76.5cm, Height 101cm
inches: Width 1in, Depth 30.1in, Height 39.8in
Care Instructions: Dust glass frame as necessary and keep away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.


The work is drawn and painted onto the paper, building in layers, during a very physical drawing process. No two artworks are ever made the same as Sarah uses instinctive movement to create her gestural pieces. The drawing is made from Indian ink, chalk and pencil.
The Maker Sarah Purvey Artist & Maker - South West England

Artist Sarah Purvey, based in South West England, is a celebrated ceramicist and illustrator whose work is represented by galleries both nationally and internationally. After graduating in 1991, Sarah worked on various collections and exhibitions, before returning to Bath Spa University in 2009 to complete a MA in Ceramics. Sarah’s work explores personal emotional landscape through drawing. Working on both paper and in clay during the making process, each piece carries an emotional charged connection to time and place.

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