Ray In Quilt

Louisa Loakes
Ray Quilt by Peckham-based textile artist Louisa Loakes is made from hand-block printed, natural linen. This decorative work is inspired by abstract painting and is one in a triptych, connected by colour, process, material and meaning. Having studied fine art at Wimbledon School of Art, Louisa intuitively uses painting to explore and expand her work. Each piece focuses on a limited colour palette, demarcated and defined by a linear composition. These three quilts are as much a work of art as they are a collection of functional textiles.
Material: Natural linen.
cm: Width 145cm, Depth 200cm
inches: Width 57.1in, Depth 78.7in
Care Instructions: Cool hand wash only.


Louisa’s quilts are hand block printed, with hand embroidered details. She carves her designs in Linoleum, then applies dye to the block and presses it onto the fabric. A process which is repeated over the length of fabric. Inevitably, the block twists and turns, creating an inconsistent impression. Louisa celebrates these inconsistencies, as they determine the unique character of each work.
The Maker Louisa Loakes Textile Artist - London

Louisa Loakes is a textile artist based in Peckham, London, specialising in printmaking and the traditional block printing. Louisa trained as a painter at Wimbledon School of Art. Her art continues to feed her hand-block print patterns through harmony of line, form and composition. Louisa takes inspiration from various cultures, including th -block printing heritage of Northern India. Louisa collaborates with her partner and furniture maker William Waterhouse on exclusive pieces for The New Craftsmen.