At The New Craftsmen, our aim has always been to provide a home, platform and sanctuary for talented individuals; from our team to our makers - we want to build strong foundations that support a diverse community of identities. As a brand and business in the craft arena, we feel it is important that we take proactive steps to contribute to bringing about positive, real and lasting change to address the issue of diversity. This needs to be done from the ground-up - tackling the hurdles and web of systemic issues which interlink with the under-representation of BAME communities in craft. Using our voice and platform, we have defined our own Framework for Change which outlines the steps we are taking to address this challenge. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and proactively encourage those from a BAME background to apply for roles within our business (see our job page for the latest vacancies).


The New Craftsmen was founded in 2012 with a single vision: to create a platform for highly skilled craftsmen and women working across the British Isles. Working hand-in-hand, we celebrate craft and work tirelessly to create a sustainable market, and a bright future for each of our makers. Our partnership and projects with makers and craft communities aim to create distinctive bodies of work with real emotion, humanity and inventiveness, based on long-term, productive relationships that enable employment, growth and sustain skills. In doing so, we also aim to attract new talent to craft as to ensure the sector continues to evolve and thrive.


We understand that our clients are committed to living in a consciously thoughtful and discerning way which has a positive impact in the world. Our business model is based on a one-degree of separation from the maker - handcrafted pieces that come straight from our makers’ workshop directly to us and to our clients. From the island of Orkney in Scotland to Peckham in London, we tell the stories of the places and spaces our makers inhabit, the things that inspire them and the materials that they use. By purchasing and commissioning from The New Craftsmen, you are actively supporting creativity, cultural tradition, innovation, independent businesses and ways of living in regional craft communities in the UK.