Sarah Purvey
Reveal by artist Sarah Purvey is a decorative vessel which forms part of an ongoing series exploring Sarah's intensely physical connection to her work. Throughout her process, Sarah explores clay, drawing and mark making, resulting in powerful, sculptural ceramics which combine monumentality and subtlety. Each piece is coiled using heavily grogged stoneware clays, which she then draws into so they become charged with her own emotional landscape. This particular piece features small ruptures which are pushed through the wall of the vessel, with additional clay added to form small mounds which Sarah works into the dark textured exterior.
Material: Grogged stoneware clays
cm: Width 35cm, Height 40cm
inches: Width 13.8in, Height 15.7in
Care Instructions: Avoid contact with clothing, dust with a dry clean paintbrush


This vessel is coiled with heavily grogged stoneware. Visible from within the form, each coil applied leaves a trace of the process behind, revealing the rhythm of the build. While the clay is still raw and at its most responsive and energised, Sarah pushes through the wall of the vessel to create small mounds and adds texture by drawing directly onto the exterior of the piece.
The Maker Sarah Purvey Artist & Maker - South West England

Artist Sarah Purvey, based in South West England, is a celebrated ceramicist and illustrator whose work is represented by galleries both nationally and internationally. After graduating in 1991, Sarah worked on various collections and exhibitions, before returning to Bath Spa University in 2009 to complete a MA in Ceramics. Sarah’s work explores personal emotional landscape through drawing. Working on both paper and in clay during the making process, each piece carries an emotional charged connection to time and place.