Russet Bronze Conical Bowl

Alexander de Vol
Russet Bronze Conical Bowl is a solid bronze vessel by multidisciplinary designer Alex Devol. This decorative piece is a metal casting of an ash vessel, which was originally turned from a green log from a storm-damaged ash tree that Alex found in Lancashire. Finished in hand-painted verdigris copper, its grainy surface texture reflects the piece's arboreal origins.
Material: Solid bronze, Verdigris copper, satin wax coating
Dimensions: Height: 10cm, Width: 29cm
Care Instructions: Wipe gently with lint free cloth
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The wooden vessel, which was turned from an ash log, has been hot cast into solid bronze using the lost wax method – a process that takes several weeks. The surface of the forged vessel is then worked and polished by hand before it is hand-painted Verdigris copper, resulting in the dark green and turquoise hues. A satin coating seals the piece.
The Maker Alexander de Vol Wood Artist - North West England

Alexander de Vol is a designer, artist and maker whose work investigates the material properties of wood and their transferal into other materials. Alexander uses a mix of traditional casting methods and new technologies to document the natural behavior and movement of the vessels which he crafts from 'green wood', while taking care to preserve the features he feels are aesthetically synonymous with the material's origin. Alongside his artistic practice, Alexander lectures in design at the University of Central Lancashire and his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including Burberry’s Makers House in London.