Salt Box VIII


Salt Box VIII by ceramicist, Sophie Wilson of 1690, is a playful and decorative twist on the humble, utilitarian nature of the familar saltbox - a kitchen ally which lives on our dining tables or kitchen counters and is witness to our everyday lives; housing an ingredient which is important to every meal. The piece has been created as a talisman at the heart of the home, a focus of quiet calm on a table scrubbed clean at the end of the day.

Sophie also set out to create a vessel which has a greater physical presence, allowing one's hand to sink easily within the box. The surface decoration was informed by mystical animals and Renaissance inlay motifs and the text was inspired by English folk songs, the Complete Work of George Herbert and Shakespeare.

The lid of the box is made in English hardwood which has been gently sealed with a light layer of Danish oil.

Material: Terracotta and London Plane wood
Dimensions: Width: 13.5cm, Depth 13.5cm, Height: 15.5cm
Care Instructions: Gently hand rinse in warm soapy water and allow to dry out completely before filling with salt.
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The Salt Box is firstly handbuilt in terracotta and incised by Sophie, before being decorated with white slip and allowed to dry. Once the piece is dry enough, she applies her delicate sgraffito decoration and text to the vessel. After the first firing, the works are glazed and fired again. The English hardwood lids are expertly made to Sophie’s design by fellow craftsman, Clark Watling.
The Maker 1690 Artist & Maker - East Midlands

1690 is the brainchild of artist and ceramicist, Sophie Wilson. After packing up her life from London in order to restore a hauntingly beautiful, dilapidated manor house in Lincolnshire, Sophie unwittingly stepped into a new era of inspiration. From her kitchen table, she produces characterful collections of wonderfully purposeful ceramics, each with their own unique story.