Shino Bowl with Wood Ash Glaze

Shino Bowl with Wood Ash Glaze by ceramics artist Matthew Foster. This piece forms part of a series of new work inspired by pattern, drawing inspiration from Africa, South America and ancient Aztec designs, created exclusively for The New Craftsmen. Covered in a glossy shino glaze (with a wood ash glaze on the interior), a method of glazing which originated in 16th century Japan and purposefully recreated here to enhance the bowl’s unique motif. The motif is applied using a roller tool notched with a pattern of Matthew’s own design. Matthew also adds a maker's mark to this decorative piece, a small detail with unique character.

Material: Stoneware, Wood Ash Glaze
cm: Width 29cm, Depth 29cm, Height 10cm
inches: Width 11.4in, Depth 11.4in, Height 3.9in
Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth


A handmade piece using stoneware clay, Shino Bowl with Wood Ash Glaze is initially thrown on the wheel and left to dry until it is firm enough to start rouletting using a handcrafted porcelain roller. When rolled over soft clay, a gently protruding pattern is created. Once bisque fired, the pot’s exterior is covered with a shino glaze mixed using raw materials, with a wood ash glaze on the interior. It is then ready to be high fired in the reduction kiln.
The Maker Matthew Foster Ceramicist - South West England

Ceramics artist Matthew Foster studied Fine Art at Kent University and after winning the Seasalt Bursary in 2009, he became an apprentice at Leach Pottery in Cornwall. Alongside growing his individual practice, Matthew continues to work as the Studio Production Manager at Leach Pottery and draws much inspiration from his contemporaries there. In line with an on-going exploration of the Mingei Philosophy (focusing on the beauty of ordinary, everyday craft), he is currently exploring peasant stonewares of the Korean Yi dynasty, Gongxian pottery, Tang dynasty, and porcelain pots from the Chinese Sung period.