Slim Hourglass Vessel

Iva Polachova
Slim Hourglass Vessel by ceramicist Iva Polachova. An elongated form with a scored surface, crafted from coiled clay and coated with layers of matt-white glaze.

Handmade by Iva in London, Slim Hourglass Vessel has been crafted to convey the beauty of form. Focused on teasing the eye, Iva often draws inspiration from sculptor Constantin Brancusi, continuously experimenting with proportions and materiality. Each piece in this range is a unique collectors item.
Material: Stoneware, White Glaze.
Dimensions: Height: 29cm, Width: 14cm, Depth: 14cm
Care Instructions: Wipe with damp cloth.
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Iva’s use of ceramic glazes are limited to shades of white with the occasional use of oxides and slips beneath. Using simple ceramic tools – scraper and rasp blades – the tool marks are often left visible under the glaze as a gentle reminder of the handmade.
Slim Hourglass Vessel by Akiko Hirai
The Maker Iva Polachova Ceramicist - South East England

Iva Polachova is a London based potter specialising in contemporary ceramics, tableware and decorative vessels. The creative process and rhythm of making are crucial to Iva’s work. She draws inspiration from sculptor Constantin Brancusi on the essential in art and is influenced by artist Paul Klee’s thoughts on the artist distilling from nature. Iva’s work combines balance, clearness, fluidity and tactility. She uses a variety of clays ranging from the refined to the coarse – from porcelain to crank.