Slip Trail Tulip Pancheon

Fitch & McAndrew
Slip Trail Tulip Pancheon by Scotland-based slipware potters Fitch & McAndrew. Made from rich red earthenware clay, it features coloured slip decoration and a honey glaze.

Hand thrown, this slipware pancheon is typical of Fitch & MacAndrew's pieces – they reference the past but feel at home today. The bottom of the bowl is decorated with a tulip motif; this flower has long been seen as a symbol of love and grace.
Material: Red earthenware clay
Dimensions: Height: 10cm, Length: 32cm
Care Instructions: Dishwasher and oven safe
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Created using traditional slipware techniques and materials, this pancheon is made from red earthenware clay and thrown on the wheel. Once leather-hard, it is given a base coat of slip before the decoration is trailed on top.
The Maker Fitch & McAndrew Ceramicist - Scotland

Douglas Fitch & Hannah McAndrew are slipware potters based in Scotland. Drawing great inspiration on the heritage of British slipware, their pieces showcase traditional techniques applied in a contemporary way. Using a blend of earthenware clay sourced from Douglas’ birthplace, Devon, Fitch & McAndrew often work with warm palettes of chocolate brown and honey, inspired by their local landscape. All their dishes, pots and jugs are one-off pieces, richly detailed as well as functional.