Slipware Bottle No. 54

Slipware Bottle No. 54 is a unique vessel by renowned slipware potter, Dylan Bowen. Known for his experimental and expressive approach to the application of slip, his collection of bottles feature different designs on the front and back of the piece, with gestural application of contrasting slip. Inspired by abstract expressionism, graffiti and old wine bottles, this vessel is typical of Dylan's slipware, embodying the energy and spontaneity invested in the creative process. Whilst this piece has been glazed inside for use as a functional vase, due to the porous nature of earthenware we recommend protecting surfaces underneath and drying thoroughly in-between uses.

Material: Earthenware
cm: Width 11cm, Depth 6.5cm, Height 22cm
inches: Width 4.3in, Depth 2.6in, Height 8.7in
Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
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Combining traditional and contemporary pottery techniques, each bottle is created using a combination of wheel thrown and hand-built elements. A neutral slip – a type of liquid clay – is then used to cover the piece, followed by a contrasting slip colour applied in quick fluid, gestural movements to create the patterning. The piece is then finished with a clear glaze.