Slipware Vessel I

Dylan Bowen
Inspired by abstract expressionism, this one-off vessel is typical of Dylan's slipware, embodying the energy and spontaneity invested in the creative process. His unique gestural aesthetic makes all of his work instantly recognisable, and each vessel is signed on the base with the maker's mark.

Material: Earthenware
cm: Width 17cm, Depth 11cm, Height 32.5cm
inches: Width 6.7in, Depth 4.3in, Height 12.8in
Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp, lint-free cloth


Combining traditional and contemporary pottery techniques, each vessel is handmade and individually decorated by Dylan using contrasting slips (a type of liquid clay) and a clear glaze.
The Maker Dylan Bowen Ceramicist - South East England

Renowned for his loosely thrown monochromatic work, Dylan Bowen is a well-established slipware potter. Having trained at the Shebbear Pottery in north Devon and Camberwell School of Art in London, Dylan and his partner Jane Bowen, who is also a potter, now work from their studio in Oxford. For Dylan, the making and decorating process blend together so that the spontaneity and energy invested in the creative process are embodied in the finished piece.

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