Smeuse Mobile I

Annemarie O'Sullivan
Smeuse Mobile I by Annemarie O’Sullivan is part of the ‘Plant Explorations’ collection, facilitated by The New Craftsmen. Earlier this year, The New Craftsmen invited a select group of craftspeople to the Economic Botany Collections at Kew Gardens to examine and creatively respond to a myriad of objects and their narratives. The collection delves into humanity’s ever resourceful and ingenious making traditions with plants. The Smeuse Mobile I is inspired by the irregular, skewed shapes of the fields Annemarie walks through and the ever-changing hedges that enclose them. ‘Smeuse’ is an old Sussex word to describe the gap in the base of a hedge made by the frequent passage of small animals. These delicate pieces float around each other, continually redefining themselves in the space they share. Light and shadow slowly shifts, evoking the low evening sun as it plays through the hedges.

Material: White willow, brass rod and nylon thread.
cm: Width 120cm, Height 186cm
inches: Width 47.2in, Height 73.2in
Care Instructions Installation instructions provided. Dust lightly when required.


Each willow rod is ‘scallomed’, a process of cutting a ribbon at the end in order to create a section which is thin enough to be tied. The rods are then soaked in water to make them pliable. Creases are made from the corners and the scallomed ends are tied onto the next rod. Once the elements are made, they are suspended by near invisible nylon thread.
The Maker Annemarie O'Sullivan Basket Maker - South East England

Based in East Sussex, Annemarie O'Sullivan makes contemporary baskets using ancient British basket-making techniques. Annemarie grows around twenty varieties of willow, which she harvests by hand on a half-acre plot near her home. Working from a wooden studio in her garden, Annemarie creates both small-scale domestic objects and larger woven sculptures. Her baskets have been featured in The New York Times, The Irish Times, House and Garden and Country Living.

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