Soma Vessel VII

Viv Lee
Soma Vessel VII is a decorative and functional piece by ceramicist Viv Lee. This piece forms part of a new series of work in which Viv continues to explore the materiality of clay and the metaphor of body as a vessel.

Inspired by surrealism and the biomorphic sculptures of Hans Jean Arp, Viv finds beauty in asymmetry and the irregularity of the human body, rather than seeking perfection in symmetrical forms. When Viv approaches making as a means of connection to self and nature, she appreciates the wonderful diversity of forms that emerge and embraces flaws; accepting them as the beautiful idiosyncrasies that make each vessel unique.

Due to the clay’s porous nature, please protect your surface underneath.

Material: Stoneware, underglaze, glaze
cm: Width 18cm, Depth 12cm, Height 38.5cm
inches: Width 7.1in, Depth 4.7in, Height 15.2in
Care Instructions: Gentle hand wash


Viv’s creative process often begins from the practice of automatic drawing; a method she uses to tap into the unconscious in order to uncover new shapes of vessels. Each piece is then coil built by hand with coarse stoneway clay by Viv, whose mind is put aside in the moment of making in favour of taking an intuitive response to the clay. The tactile nature of clay lends itself to the exploration of form, allowing her to translate thoughts and feelings that arise during making into formal and material qualities in the works.
The Maker Viv Lee Artist & Maker - Scotland

Viv Lee was born in Hong Kong and studied at Glasgow School of Art. After graduating, she remained in Glasgow and is still based there today, creating ceramics inspired by the beautiful irregularity of nature. Rather than seeking perfect symmetry in her work, Viv looks to organic forms – particularly the human body – and embraces the imperfect. Each piece is a unique work of art, which also serves a functional purpose. Her hand-built stoneware lamps have been exclusively created for The New Craftsmen.